“You can never quite know what’s going to set them off. Sometimes it sneaks up on you, and you don’t recognize it right away,” says former shelter resident Callie. “When I decided to leave, Quanada helped me get out iau-logosafely and move on. I am unbeatable now.”

 Some of Quanada’s survivors are now standing up and speaking out, hoping their stories will inspire you to help fill this funding gap. They are joined by internationally-acclaimed photojournalist Donna Ferrato, a decades-long advocate fighting domestic violence, and award-winning photo-journalist Steve Bohnstedt, who is also a member of the community Quanada serves.

We hope you never need our help, but today we are asking for yours.

Donate to Quanada’s I Am Unbeatable campaign and help us continue to provide emergency shelter and advocacy services to survivors of domestic and sexual violence.